Vanilla Extract: More Than Just a Vanilla flavoring

Vanilla Extract has been around for centuries, dating back to the days of the ancient Mayans. Vanilla is a popular ingredient in confections and other sweets, such as cookies and brownies. Vanilla extract is also used in candy bars, especially the ones that use licorice root as a sweetener. However, Vanilla extract has a lot of uses, not just in confections and sweets. In fact, it is one of the more important ingredients in the kitchen nowadays.
Vanilla Extract is a natural product made from boiling and macerating vanilla pods in water and Ethyl Alcohol. It's considered a beneficial ingredient in all kinds of baked products, especially desserts like brownies, cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, and also custards, ice cream, and puddings, due to its high sugar content. In fact, studies have shown that when consumed in moderation, the sugar content in vanilla extract has no adverse effects on blood glucose, unlike the high sugar content in maple syrup which may cause hypoglycemia if taken in excess.

Aside from being used to add flavor in baked products, vanilla extract can also be added to many recipes for added flavor and nutritive value. For example, to make hot chocolate, vanilla can be added to the chocolate mixture prior to the heating process. Adding vanilla to tea bags saves on the shelf life of the tea, making it a cost-saving addition. Vanilla flavor can also be used in breads, muffins, biscuits, or as a topping on baked goodies. Vanilla flavor is a must in coffee, making it a great addition to hot coffee, whether you use instant or decaf, since not only does it add to the taste, but it also adds a rich and tasty touch to hot chocolate.

In addition, there are several varieties of real vanilla extract available on the market. "Real Vanilla" is the product most commonly found in supermarkets and health food stores, containing at least twenty percent pure vanilla extract. " Madagascar "extract" is sourced from a single source in Madagascar, which is much more highly regarded than the "Real Vanilla" variety because it is free of all chemicals and pesticides, which are sometimes added to pure vanilla extract to preserve it. " Madagascar "extract" is usually harvested while the beans are still green (which ensures a higher concentration of vanilla extract), and is a great choice for anyone looking to add real vanilla extract to their recipes.

Vanilla extract can also be used in baking recipes. For instance, instead of using a traditional vanilla extract recipe (such as one found in most cookbooks) and using either regular or dark vanilla powder, you can use "Real Vanilla Extract" to create a flavor-rich, realistic cup of espresso-style coffee. It can also be added to a hot milk mix to create a hot chocolate, another popular dessert treat. Other uses for "Real Vanilla Extract" include:

If you enjoy making your own recipes, why not experiment by creating a new recipe with "Real Vanilla Extract"? This might be just what you need to surprise your friends or family next time you bake. Remember that vanilla essence cannot always be found in stores, so try getting some by buying bottled products at the store. You'll probably have to ask someone else to help you search, so this is only an option for people who know where to find it. You can never have too much vanilla extract in your life!

Vanilla Extract: More Than Just a Vanilla flavoring